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Hi, welcome to my profile page.
I'm Michael, your site administrator and creator of MoT gaming.
We welcome all members to our community as long as our rules are observed and respected.

Park Manager in all game servers.
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  • Hey, my brother did something wrong when I told him he could play on my account and I got an email saying my account was suspended. I am wondering when you will you will unsuspend me

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    •  · Well, good point. But I was sort of expexting the same thing, but with at least some other layout.
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    Man Of Teal uses the latest auto launcher for starting OpenRCT2. Please download your flavor too; m…
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    •  · Yes, I think there were two releases just hours apart. At least I hope so.
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    We have to start somewhere, this idea has already been shared on one of the game servers today.   …
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    It has become aware that since the MoT Trusted feature has been added, cheats are being turned on an…
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    Dracheron Dsheriff15 you can try to visit the S1 server for testing. It is a blank map and running in a virtual environment. We may convert all game servers to a virtual server for speed.

    Hey PM, on our latest map in server 0, somehow the quest spawn point got deleted, me and o both tried fixing it and we couldn't fiqure it out. If you have some spare time could you please help us out, Thanks very much

    Dsheriff15 you should be able to log-in the server via Chrome remote.

    Hey PM did you happen to pause the server on us? just wondering because it paused lol

    DCMeGaMaxX I've removed the #2 from your server ingame name.

    Park Manager is there anyway i can use the same account on two computers?


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