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I am a bloke from the Northwest region of England, so be aware I tend to say "aye" much akin to a Scotsman a lot.

Rather peculiarly having played this game since I was young, I'm actually not that brilliant at making intricate coasters as many others are and find I prefer building and heavily emphasising the use of scenery around slow track rides i.e log flumes, go carts, car rides etc.

I'm slowly but surely becoming a much better scenic designer as a result :)

I'm a very laid back chap so don't be afraid to have a chat in game if you see me there.

Hope to you all in servers soon. Happy grafting!

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Grafter Gaz I see you come on every now and then here on the site. Do you still play on the server?

I'm not sure what to do with MoT since no one plays or at least when I check in sometimes..

I'm pretty happy with how this area ended up. I've had a few compliments on the design and thought I'd toot my own trumpet by posting it here too. My process of 'construction' is that I start with an idea, so in this case I thought "Factory theme" and build a ride. After the first ride is built I'll plan a footpath and the general guesstimations of the other ride/shop placements. Long story short, nothing but the ride placements are predefined and I just build scenery around them until they meet up with other rides scenery. It's what's worked so far, so why fix what ain't broken eh?



I really like your current area on server 2!
Welcome aboard then! Glad to have you. Come on over to server 1 now if you can..
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