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Heyo everyone, Roy here.


I just come to tell you that I can now finally access, Expect to see me around more, and i apologise deeply to those who haven't seen me since like what last April or something. 


How are you doing?

Servers are online.

Please when naming your rides, do NOT use signs as a means of naming your coaster, it might get confusing. and the original ride sign i believe hides the sign you used to name the coaster.

If you're naming your rides, and you crash for whatever reason, get someone to name it for you if they're available or direct message them on here or other services they may be on with the coaster, what server it's on, style of coaster, and current name of the coaster if possible.


we are aware of the name property crash and we are trying our best to help others out with whatever problems the community may have with the game at its current version and build.

Katfish has made me aware that he knows that there's a troll around, this person went by the name "skankhunt42" and "Member Berries" (Unsure if sexual connotation.) 

Please, if you find this person ban his IP instantly and secure your servers for now. Don't close registration.

this person has been putting the blame on Skylander Katfish for some peculiar reason, and is also trolling WhiskeyStation and other servers. 

Note to PM: IF you have this person's IP, edit this post and put it in somewhere.


I'm not actually sure if some have noticed but someone keeps modifying rides, changing them in their settings, and slight part differences, redesign of a certain part.

I just want to make this clear to everyone.

Under any circumstances, do NOT modify someone's ride without their permission unless the creator is alright with it!

I'm assuming some of you are thinking "What happened to the servers?"

Well, all I can say for sure is that Newton is away and is very busy at the time being, for those that are young and don't know. Work can be a stressful thing, even if it looks like a completely laid-back, fun job.

I know many of you have been complaining that the guest AI in OpenRCT2 currently is bad, mostly for what has been said about it. Well complain no more!

The next few updates they're going to be improving the guest AI so that it works similar to the original game it's self.

A friend of mine on Skype has told me this and given me a link to the github/pull/ page on OpenRCT2's file structure.

Have a read for yourself, and post your opinion on these updates.

There are still a few minor bugs that are in the code, for example. The overall view window for rides causes frame-rate slowdown.

How this works is we have a scenario on which we build a certain coaster or a certain theme

Winners will be determined by design aspects such as statistics, color scheme and layout as well as element usage and scenery layout and name.

For example, for a ride-specific contest.

Ride: Floorless Coaster

and another example for a theme-specific contest.

Theme: Egyptian.


-Use a name for your coaster

-Use the objects provided 

-The best you can

-(optional) Save the track design!

-Be Supportive!



- Use rude names for coaster, E.G Derogatory, bigotry, racism, or just flat out being plain rude.

- Delete other peoples designs

- Make realistic/pseudo realistic coasters, keep that for the Realism server. (Sorry but putting realistic coasters in contests, that would have others at a disadvantage.)

-Be Salty! 

-complain about stuff



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